HOUSE OF THE DAY: A Custom-Built Party Villa In California Is A Steal At $6.9 Million

Camarillo, Calif. house on sale for $6.8 million

Photo: Thomas Ploch

A property perfect for any entertainment mogul just hit the market for $6.9 million. The 12,000-square-foot custom-made residence in Camarillo, Calif. has a recording studio and space to fit about 300 people comfortably for a party.

Don Boehm, of Estate Design and Construction Inc, started building the ornate property in 2007. He moved in the next year, and has enjoyed the perks of a spa, recording studio, and a massage parlor within his home.

The home, better known as Villa Boehm, sits on 2.75 acres of land. It has five bedrooms, and six bathrooms.

“The first thing you notice when you enter is the grandness,” said Janet Caminite, the listing agent on the property. “The home has a lot of unique stone and mosaic tiling. All of the wood that is in the house is hand cared, and Don (Boehm) did the crown moulding himself.”

Welcome to Villa Boehm. The current owner, Don Boehm, is selling because he has ideas for a new project and home to build.

The ceilings have mosaics on them.

The counter has four levels of granite, creating a bullnose effect. This is a very rare feature, and an expensive one.

In the recording studio, you can shut yourself in and have privacy until you're happy with your work.

The recording studio is up to professional grade.

Each bedroom has a bathroom ensuite.

The walk-in closet could essentially be another bedroom.

The garage doubles as the in-home gym.

Boehm said he'll miss the salon the most, once he sells the house.

Even the grounds have an Italian villa vibe.

There's plenty of room for a personal motorcade.

Want a home with some celebrity clout?

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