Cam Newton dressed up as the world's most fashionable Santa Claus as he handed out gifts to kids

On Tuesday, Cam Newton handed out gifts at several stops, and in true Cam Newton fashion  — pun intended  — Cam dressed up as the world’s most fashionable Santa Claus.

Katie Peralta of the Charlotte Observer captured some of the events on her Twitter account.

First, here is the outfit, complete with scarf, red leather pants, red sneakers, and a red-and-white homburg hat.

At Cam’s first stop, he handed out a $30,000 check on behalf of the Cam Newton Foundation for a backpack programs. He also played “Cam Says” with the kids.

at Barringer Academic Center, where Santa Cam presented a $30K check to start a backpack program for kids in need. Then played Cam Says
— Katie Peralta (@katieperalta) December 13, 2016

He also helped deliver food to a local food bank.

stop No. 2 was the Silver Mount food pantry, where Santa Cam donated $10K in beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes and more
— Katie Peralta (@katieperalta) December 13, 2016

And spoke with kids at an after-school program for low-income families.

Later he took some kids on a shopping spree at a Dick’s Sporting Goods, where Cam looked like a kid in a toy store himself.

Santa Cam’s last stop today was at Dick’s Sporting Goods, where he took kids on a shopping spree. No scooter this year
— Katie Peralta (@katieperalta) December 13, 2016

Just another day in the life of one of the NFL’s most fashionable players.

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