Cam Newton says he's going to talk to Roger Goodell about 'bullcrap' late hits that are putting him at risk

Cam Newton was unhappy with the officiating after the Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals 30-20 on Sunday.

Though he was officially sacked just once and knocked down four times, Newton felt that, once again, he was subjected to late hits by defenders.

After the game, Newton addressed the situation, saying he’s going to talk to Roger Goodell about the situation and that the late hits are taking the “fun out of the game” for him.

Newton called the hits “bullcrap,” adding that he doesn’t feel “safe” anymore. He added that one particular hit against the Cardinals could have torn his ACL.

According to Conor Orr of, Newton said officials are telling him that they have missed the late hits and will call them the next time around. However, Newton is displeased with the progress and called the Week 8 win the tipping point.

Hits on Newton have been an ongoing controversy since the Panthers first game of the season against the Denver Broncos. Newton appeared to take several shots to the head, some of which came late (after he had gotten rid of the ball) and went un-called. Additionally, Newton wasn’t taken out of the game to undergo tests for a concussion.

While Newton’s complaints aren’t anything new for the NFL, perhaps having one of the game’s biggest stars speak out publicly and say he’s going to talk to Roger Goodell will help improve the situation.

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