Cam Newton is under fire for his response to a female reporter's question about the Panthers receivers

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton received a heavy dose of criticism on Wednesday for laughing at the nature of a female reporter’s question.

During a press conference, Newton was asked about the Panthers’ receivers improving over the season by Jordan Rodrigue of The Charlotte Observer.

As the question concluded, Newton laughed and said, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.” Newton grinned and said “it’s funny” again, before answering the question.

The comment did not seem to be malicious; rather, Newton seemed to actually find the idea of a female reporter asking about football Xs and Os funny.

The comment drew the criticism of many around the NFL world. 

Rodrigue responded:

Rodrigue also seemed to say via Twitter that she spoke to Newton about the comment and that he was unapologetic.

Newton and the Panthers may issue an apology at some point, but from the sounds of it, according to Rodrigue it may not be genuine from Newton.

Here’s video of Newton’s comment:


Here’s the video of Cam Newton saying “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes”
— Carlin & Reese (@CarlinReeseWIP) October 4, 2017

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