Cam Newton: ref told me I am 'not old enough' to get a critical late-game penalty call

Cam Newton had some choice words for referee Ed Hochuli following the Panthers’ 27-22 win over the Saints yesterday. 

During his post-game press conference, Newton said that, following a late hit from a New Orleans lineman Tyeler Davison, Hochuli told Newton,”Cam, you’re not old enough to get that call.” 

“I was really baffled by what was said to me,” Newton said. 

The Carolina quarterback had rolled out of the pocket and flung the ball downfield when Davison flew in and hit him. Newton acknowledged that the play was right on the cusp of being a late him, and when Newton got back on his feet and asked Hochuli why there hadn’t been a flag, Hochuli allegedly offered a decidedly ageist response that had Newton fuming.

“Jesus, I didn’t realise you didn’t to have seniority to get a personal foul call,” Newton said. “I’m ticked off, really.”

“So heaven forbid [Hochuli] gets any rookies, or they’re gonna have a long day, man.”

The play in question came early in the fourth quarter with the Panthers nursing a 4-point lead and deep in their own end of the field. Newton rolled out to the right and was shoved to the ground after throwing a pass downfield. 

While we never get a good replay of the hit, Fox did show the animated conversation between Newton and Hochuli. While we don’t want to play amateur lipreader, it is clear that whatever Hochuli said left Newton baffled and speechless with a sarcastic smile.

An NFL source told Pro Football Talk that Hochuli denied making the comment to Newton. The NFL went on to clarify that there was no unnecessary roughness on the play in question:

“The officials make decisions based upon the play on the field, and no other factors,” league spokesman Michael Signora said. “On the play in question, there is no roughing the passer because the quarterback is out of the pocket and a runner, and no unnecessary roughness because the contact is not late.”

After the press conference, the Panthers social media team had Cam’s back and took a subtle little jab at the NFL with this tweet and video:

Ageism aside, the Panthers are 3-0 and will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 4.

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