CAM NEWTON: Here's The Incredible Story Behind The NFL's Next Big Thing

cam newton

Photo: AP

Cam Newton is blowing away all expectations in his rookie season for the Carolina Panthers.He’s almost single-handedly turned Carolina into one of the NFL’s most fun teams to watch.

Unlike most NFL phenoms, Newton was only in the national spotlight for a few months prior to breaking onto the scene.

Before hitting it big, Cam was a scandal-ridden player who’s off-the-field controversies torpedoed his on-field talent.

Cam's older brother Cecil Jr. was a pro football player too. The two played together one year in high school when Cam was the QB and Cecil was the centre

He was a five-star recruit coming out a high school. He chose to attend the University of Florida

He backed up Tim Tebow for two years before finding himself in some legal trouble

Source: USA Today

Newton was charged with stealing a laptop, and faced expulsion for three instances of academic cheating

Source: USA Today

He left Florida in 2009, transferring to Blinn College in Texas. At Blinn, he one a JUCO national title and found himself able to once again join a D-I program after the season

He eventually chose Auburn. He quickly rose up the Tigers depth chart and had his team undefeated early in the 2010 season

Then another scandal hit: Cam's father was accused to trying to elicit a $180,000 bribe from Mississippi State before Cam decided to go to Auburn

Source: CBS Sports

Cam was briefly declared ineligible, but the NCAA found that he knew nothing of the bribe, and reinstated him

After being cleared of all wrongdoing, Cam led his team to a national championship over Oregon, and the Heisman Trophy

After that, he moved on to the pros. The Carolina Panthers took him with the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft

He signed a $22 million contract and was on his way to stardom

Toward the end of the preseason, Carolina somewhat surprisingly named Cam the starter

Despite many people questioning his experience, he's had a fantastic first season, and is likely on his way to the Rookie of the Year award

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