Exclusive Pictures From The North Korean Side Of The Demilitarized Zone

DMZThe Demilitarized Zone

Photo: Calvin Sun – Monsoon Diaries

The DMZ is the haunted powder-keg of land left over from the Korean War that divides the North from the South.Tired of fighting, both sides agreed to stop, and drew the line here, at the 38th parallel—160-miles long and 2.5 miles wide.

Getting a glimpse from South Korea is all most people ever see—even in pictures. Google DMZ and about the closest you’ll come to seeing the Northern side are telephoto shots from the south.

That wasn’t good enough for Columbia graduate student Calvin Sun, who thrives on getting into countries that don’t welcome Americans with open arms.

Of the 28 countries listed on Sun’s blog, Monsoon Diaries, North Korea’s DMZ is titled “The Scariest Place on Earth.”

The first stop on the way to the DMZ is Kaesong

A couple miles south of Kaesong you'll reach Panmunjom in the DMZ.

Entering Panmunjom soldiers will stop your vehicle and force you to get out

Danger abounds - check out the kid in the red shirt

The actual demilitarized zone - farmland where few villagers have the right to live

The edge of the joint security area leading to the guard stations and observation posts

North Korean guards

South Korean guards

South Korean guards observing from their side of the DMZ

And then guards lead the group back to their hotel

The Yanggakdo Hotel may be even creepier than the DMZ

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