Caltex's Port Botany Refinery Will Be Shut For The Day After A Massive Oil Spill Put Three In Hospital

Caltex’s oil refinery in Kurnell, NSW.

Caltex is cleaning up after a 175,000-litre oil spill that temporarily disabled the Port Botany Shipping Terminal early this morning and reportedly put three people in hospital.

The spill was caused by a faulty valve at the Caltex Oil Refinery. Caltex spokesman Sam Collyer told the SMH’s Rachel Olding that unleaded fuel gushed out of a 2 million-litre tank at about 1am.

All shipping activity and roads in a 1000-square-metre radius were put on hold. The exclusion zone was reduced to about 500-square-metres by about 8am, the SMH reports.

ABC reports that the Caltex terminal will remain shut for the day.

According to the Australian, two Caltex workers and a firefighter were taken to hospital after being exposed to fuel and fumes.

The two workers had been doused by fuel when the valve malfunctioned. They were forced to flee the area; firefighters stepped in and turned off the valve, a NSW Fire and Rescue spokesman told the Aus.

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