REVENGE OF THE NERDS: Caltech Ends 310-Game Conference Losing Streak

Caltech’s men’s basketball team beat Occidental College 46-45 last night, winning their first in-conference game in 26 years.

The Division III Beavers had lost 310 straight games in Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference dating back to 1985. Their first win this season ended a 44-game overall losing streak.

Watch the students rush the court (via Quickish):

If you missed it, the New York Times published an excellent story in December about Caltech’s athletic department, which makes up in enthusiasm what it lacks in actual sports prowess. The baseball team has lost 163 straight games (407 straight in conference), their women’s volleyball team has never won a conference game, and they don’t even have a football team.

What they do have is 31 Nobel Prize winners from an alumni base of just 25,000. (The highest ratio of any school in the U.S.)

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