Clinton and Trump made the same exact mistake -- but for him it's fatal

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump made the mistake of calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the last presidential debate. It was a huge mistake.

Aside from being rude, Trump made the same mistake Clinton made when she called his supporters “deplorables” a few weeks ago.

Since Trump made that statement, women around the country has taken up “nasty woman” as a rallying cry against Trump, and a moniker, the same way Trump’s supporters took up deplorables.

The difference here is that for Trump, his naming mistake could be fatal.

Ain’t no shame in my name

As as Trump uttered “nasty woman,” interrupting Clinton in the process, women on social media erupted with hashtags like #nastywoman and #nastywomanchallenge — where women talk about the hard work they do.

Sophia Amoruso, the founder of a clothing company, Nasty Gal, changed the name of her website to Nasty Woman. Clinton’s campaign took over, which directed anyone headed there to her campaign. And women across the country started quoting the lyrics from Janet Jackson’s hit single, “Nasty.”

Clinton and her female supporters officially have a name they can be proud of.

This is a huge problem for Trump. Clinton’s “deplorable” comments rallied Trump’s base. But they already despised Clinton anyway. “Nasty woman,” however, is a rallying for any woman who works, any woman who is in charge of her home, any woman who decides her own future.

And these are voters that the Trump campaign has needed to woo in order to win the election. But he won’t — not if they’re “nasty.”

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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