Calling All University Spinouts - Present at URES 2011!

University Research and Entrepreneurship Symposium (URES) is the “go to” annual event in Boston for the country’s world-class research universities to showcase their most commercially promising technologies for spinning out into startups. Over the last two years, 5 URES presenting projects have raised venture capital.

Last year, we had projects from Cornell, University of Illinois, Purdue, RPI, Harvard, Yale, and MIT among others. It’s a unique event – 300+ investors, entrepreneurs, and technologists talking about startups and big technology ideas.

The criteria are simple:

  • Technology must be breakthrough and disruptive… ie kick-arse
  • Potential applications must address really big markets
  • Project leads must at least be considering starting a company around the technology
  • Funding to date must be <$1 millionĀ 

We’re flexible on most all other criteria. There may be startups already formed or it could still be a research project with professor sponsorship.

Submissions are due now – see the site for guidelines.

I encourage anyone out there working on something that can change the world to submit and see if you can get on stage at URES 2011…

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