The next 'Call of Duty' brings zombies to the roaring '20s

Like clockwork, every fall brings a new “Call of Duty” game. This year is no different, with “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” arriving on November 6th. 

What doesn’t happen every year is a new “Zombies” mode for “Call of Duty” — the beloved multiplayer co-op gameplay mode that takes the trappings of a “very serious war game” and puts them in a very, very silly zombie-killing mode. That happens every other year (the last Zombies mode showed up in — you guessed it — “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”). 

The reveal trailer for this year’s mode is just above, and we’ve got some images from the 1920s-themed romp right here. For instance, here’s a zombie looking angry, with glowing eyes:

Notice the glowing fluorescent lights behind said zombies, and his fancily appointed outfit. Looking pretty swank for a zombie, eh?

The 1920s charm doesn’t end there! Just look at this dingy red light district — you can almost taste the despair:

Beyond just zombies, there’s some form of occult action going on in “Black Ops 3.” Notice the Lovecraftian skull in this room, which is otherwise an airy, spacious library. Oh, also, there’s a messed up looking saw blade on the right side:

But let’s not kid ourselves: you’re still here only because you want to see some hot zombie-killing action. Well we’ve got that too, right here:

Should “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” be your particular type of jam, there’s an insane collector’s edition coming with a real, working refrigerator. Seriously! Just look at this thing:

If nothing else, the fridge should help sustain your required Red Bull habit while playing long hours of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.” Don’t let the zombies get to you first!

Produced By Corey Protin, written by Ben Gilbert. Video courtesy of Activision.

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