The new 'Call of Duty' game has a terrifying Easter Egg

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3ActivisionThis manikin isn’t murderous YET.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 3,” available now, is a game about shooting enemies before they shoot you, and watching massive explosions and other crazy stuff happen in the background.

Another “Call of Duty” game, then? Totally.

But let’s be honest: most people aren’t buying “Black Ops 3” for the single-player story. They’re buying it for the beloved “Zombies” mode, which has you team up with friends to cooperatively take down wave after wave of zombies. It’s pretty rad!

In “Black Ops 3,” that mode is back. Even better, there’s a completely bananas Easter Egg dedicated to the game’s zombies mode buried within the “Nuketown” multiplayer map. It involves manikins —  murderous manikins — and shooting off their arms.

We’ve compiled step-by-step instructions for how to check out this crazy Easter Egg right now! Follow us below.

First things first, start a multiplayer match on the map 'Nuketown.'

This is 'Nuketown,' circa 2065.

Maybe start a private match with just one or two friends. You're not gonna want to try this in a real multiplayer match.


After you get the map loaded up, you've got a short period of time to get to work: start shooting the arms off of all the manikins.

Like so.

According to a few YouTubers, the arms all need to be removed (from the shoulder down) in under two minutes.


There are quite a few manikins propped around the level, but they're all pretty easy to find. Some are out in the open:


Some are indoors:


And what happens when you remove all the arms from all the manikins is priceless. You'll hear a noise when you've found the final manikin and removed its arms with bullets.


Magically, all the manikins have arms again...which they want to use to murder you.


But they don't just come charging at you -- they will only move when you're not looking.

They act like the Boo from Super Mario.

This jerk.

And yes, they DO want to kill you. What do you think those arms are for? Hugging? Nope.


Check out the full video right here:

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