Call In Sick Tuesday And Watch The Whole Season of '24' Again

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The addictive 24 wraps up its seventh season tonight, and before you’re flat-panel has cooled off, Fox is putting the DVD and Blu-ray discs on sale.

It’s the first time a network has pulled the trigger so quickly on a DVD release. Normally, they wait months to roll them out to keep reruns churning.

While this may not make an immediate release standard for the industry, on a week when the TV business will be reminded just how many people aren’t watching what they air, it’s a nice way to leverage the shows they can’t turn away from.

According to the New York Times, 24 is a DVD blockbuster, though:

Serialized shows with cliffhangers and complex plot lines lend themselves to binge viewing. Devoted fans of “24” know this well: they watch the episodes in marathon sessions when the DVDs go on sale. To date, Fox has sold more than 7.5 million copies of “24” seasons on DVD.

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