California Wants To Ban Some Big Screen TVs

flat screen televisions tvs america flags

California is ready to ban large flat screen televisions that hog energy the LA Times reports.

The California Energy Commission will reveal the new standards required for TV makers today. The measure could be made official in November.

The regulation would outlaw 25% of the large screen televisions currently being sold. All plasma screen televisions on the market would be banned, as they are huge energy suckers. In time plasma makers say they can improve efficiency. Many LCD flat screens already meet the efficiency requirement.

Televisions account for 10% of residential energy use in California and 2% of total electricity use. Making TVs more efficient will take $8.1 billion off Californian’s electric bills over a 10 year period.

It will also save California from having to build another power plant. The more efficient sets are said to produce energy savings to power 461,000 homes.

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