California Voters Inch Closer To Opening Up The Business Of Pot

Pretty soon CNBC may have to do another special on marijuana, with more of a focus on the legal side of the business.

A new poll suggests that California is inching ever closer to legalizing pot in the state, with 52% supporting ballot measure Prop 19, and only 36% opposing, according to a PPP poll (via FireDogLake).

This is the biggest lead the pro-pot crowd has gotten in any poll.

Advocates point to the possibility of new tax revenue for the state (not to mention diminished law enforcement costs), though the research remains mixed on how much it’d actually bring in.

If you’re curious how the vote will break down, we’re guessing it will look something like this map, which shows regions with the most pot usage in the darkest colours.

California Marijuana

Photo: RAND

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