California Police Are Investigating Whether Wade Michael Page Killed Two Sikhs Last Year

wade michael page nazi flagWade Michael Page

Photo: Myspace via Denver Westword Blogs

Two elderly Sikh men were walking around Elk Grove, Calif., in March 2011 when someone driving a gold or tan pickup truck drove by and shot them.And now local police are wondering whether the suspect who killed those men is the same man responsible for killing six Sikhs at a Milwaukee-area temple on Aug. 5, The Sacramento Bee reported Thursday. 

Wade Michael Page opened fire on the temple earlier this month before turning his gun on himself.

“The possibility of a connection seems remote, but I haven’t ruled it out,” Elk Grove Police Detective Kevin Papineau told the Bee.

The murders of Surinder Singh, 65, and Gurmej Atwal, 78, remain unsolved. The men were killed by a semi-automatic or assault weapon, police said.

“I hope it produces the break we need,” Papineau said of the investigation’s new angle. “There’s a good possibility we haven’t yet reached the witnesses who know what we need to put it together.”

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