California Legislators Pass Budget Bill On Time!

Jerry Brown

“Among the reasons legislators scrambled to pass the stop-gap budget plan by Wednesday’s deadline was that state law called for them to have a full day’s pay docked for every day the budget was late. Since they passed a budget by the deadline, their pay will continue unimpeded, despite the governor’s veto.”

So reports The New York Times. That was at the bottom of their story. It might better have been the lead.

California Governor Jerry Brown today vetoed the state budget that the Democratic-controlled state Legislature passed the day before, saying that the proposal added billions in new debt and used every last cheap accounting trick to achieve its supposed “savings.”

The state Legislature’s budget was, in fact, a joke.  It was passed with the full knowledge that Governor Brown would have to veto it. 

But the state legislators will continue to get paid. That was the whole point of this latest episode of the Sacramento budget scams.


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