Traders are cranking up bets against the nation's biggest wine company as the California wildfires rage

Constellation Brands, the biggest wine company in the US and a major producer of brands like Robert Mondavi, has a lot at stake right now as wildfires decimate California’s wine country.

And that fact is not lost on stock traders. Their nervousness around the situation has caused a surge in hedging costs on the stock.

The measure in question looks at the cost of options protecting against a 10% decline over the next month, relative to wagers on a 10% increase. This indicator has spiked as the wildfires recently began spreading through Northern California’s wine country.

Constellation BrandsBusiness Insider / Joe Ciolli, IHS MarkitConstellation Brands hedging costs have spiked as the North California wildfires have spread.

Constellation Brands, which operates 18 different wineries, closed its tasting rooms in Napa Valley and Sonoma earlier this week.

The negative shift in investor sentiment could quickly derail the positive effect of Constellation Brands’ better-than-expected earnings report last week. The company, which also sells imported Mexican beers like Corona and boasts a growing craft beer business, saw its stock climb 4% in a single day. This week, the stock has dropped more than 1%.

It remains to be seen whether the other areas of Constellation Brands’ vast alcoholic empire can offset the pressures felt in the company’s wine business. At this point, it’s safe to say traders aren’t taking any chances.

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