Meet The 16 California City Managers Who Earn Over $300,000


Remember the scandal of the $800,000 city manager in Bell, California?

Turns out city managers get overpaid all over the state. A new survey by the League of California Cities identified 16 more city managers who earn over $300,000.

The governor of California, meanwhile, gets only $175,000 per year (which Schwarzenegger declines because of personal wealth).

And California still has a $19 billion deficit.

Gary Luebbers of Sunnyvale -- $301,470

Jennifer Sparacino of Santa Clara -- $303,513

Paul Arevalo of West Hollywood -- $309,203

Joe Calabrigo of Danville -- $310,029

Edmund F. Sotelo of Oxnard -- $314,000

Anne Montgomery of Mill Valley -- $315,531

P. Lamont Ewell, former city manager of Santa Monica -- $315,600

Bruce Channing of Laguna Hills -- $321,550

BONUS: Channing's benefits include use of a $60,000 2010 Toyota Sequoia.

Jack Lam of Rancho Cucamonga -- $324,582

Daryl Parrish of Covina -- $328,830

Shawn Nelson of Temecula -- $336,288

W. Craig Robinson, former city manager of Roseville -- $353,000

Herb Moniz of San Ramon -- $359,669

Steve Williams of Palmdale -- $367,518

Rod Wood of Beverly Hills -- $438,571

Robert G. Gutierrez, former city manager of Moreno Valley -- $459,000

BONUS: Everyone knows Robert Rizzo of Bell -- $787,637

BONUS: This mugshot was taken after Rizzo's DUI arrest last spring.

And that's one reason why California STILL doesn't have a budget

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