Calacanis’s New Mahalo Answers Could Work


Jason Calacanis — best known for making real money off blogs before most anyone else knew what they were — today added a new feature to Mahalo: Answers.

It’s like Yahoo’s popular Yahoo Answers product, except questioners can offer virtual currency for good answers. Good answerers can then convert their virtual currency into real cash and Mahalo will take 25% off the top.

Our favourite thing about Mahalo Answers? It is so Jason! Again, he has taken a popular amateur activity from the Web, like blogging or creating Wikipedia pages, and turned it into something semi-pro like Weblogs Inc. or the original Mahalo.

As with some of Jason’s other ideas, we also think Mahalo Answers can work. Yahoo Answers has 24 million users, according to Quantcast, and besides’s ridiculous traffics, its probably because people trust online reviewers of products and services. Check out this chart from Forrester Research:


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