Calacanis and Winer Hug It Out

Thus ends the Twitter-Blog feud of Jason Calcanis and Dave Winer–with Jason accepting Dave’s (sort of) apology.  We don’t mean to be picky here, but does this really sound like a heartfelt apology?  To us, it sounds a bit like a I’ll-say-sorry-to-end-this-feud-but-I’m-still-right-and-you’re-still-a-jackass kind of apology.  So Jason gets to see his pretty mug again.

You be the judge:

I gave it some thought, and I decided to apologise to Jason for interrupting his speech at Gnomedex. I wish I hadn’t done it. It’ll never happen again. That’s a promise.

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That said, I have a lot of trouble believing that a street fighter from Brooklyn (I’m from Queens) is still having an emotional time with this. But some people are very sensitive, and I’m willing to believe, long enough to apologise, that Jason is still feeling emotional about being interrupted on Friday. 

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However it could also be a tactic, an attempt to silence a critic. I’ve seen that done before too…


Meanwhile, Dave wants to get back to talking about why Mahalo sucks and how/whether the net community can help Jason fix it.  Somehow we’re guessing that topic doesn’t fill Jason with warm-and-fuzzy feelings for Dave, either.