How This Little Kid Became The Hottest Entrepreneur In America


Photo: Photo by Meeno

A year ago, Caine Monroy was just a pint-sized arcade fanatic whiling away his summer vacation at his dad’s auto parts shop. Then he decided to build his own version of the games he loved to play – completely out of cardboard. 

A chance encounter drew national media attention and turned the 9-year-old kid from East L.A. into a household name. 

It all started here, at his dad's L.A.-area used auto parts shop.

Caine built his first game – mini-basketball – using shipping boxes from the shop and a plastic goal he picked up at a pizzeria.

When he couldn't afford a real claw machine, Caine rigged one using an S-hook and a piece of string.

With most of his dad's business online and little foot traffic in the shop, Caine went weeks without any customers.

Then one day, everything changed.

Nirvan, a part-time filmmaker, stumbled across the shop. He became Caine's first customer and hatched the plan that would make him a household name.

He rallied thousands of supporters on Facebook to surprise Caine at the shop, even landing on the front page of Reddit.

The plan worked – and put Caine's Arcade on the map.

Business has been booming.

Within months, donations started pouring in to fund Caine's college education. To date, he's raised nearly $200,000.

Looks like it's working.

Now he's being commissioned to build claw machines right in people's homes for $80 a pop.

Even celebrities are in his corner.

101,000 Facebook fans and counting...

It's always nice having a self-made kidtreprenuer in the family...

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