Obligatory "Hot mum" Joke Here: CafeMom Raises Another $12 Million

Last summer we worried that the $5 million Highland Capital and DFJ had handed over to CMI Marketing and CafeMom.com represented some sort of market top. So what do we do now that the same investors have given the same social network another $12 million, bringing the total raise to $20 million?

At a minimum, we need to shake our heads in awe at CafeMom’s growth trajectory: The site was launched in late 2006, and by last November was generating more page views than any other women’s site. We assume some of this traffic has been purchased, but from what we can tell CafeMom is indeed a bonafide social network with real traction. Allen Stern reports that the site is working with “Walmart, Playskool, Disney, HP, Kraft, General Mills, Nestle, Unilever, JCPenney, Johnson & Johnson and Best Buy”, selling custom campaigns for up to $500,000 a pop.

Mandatory “Melrose Place” reference: CMI’s co-founder is Andrew Shue, best known to readers of a certain age as “Billy“.

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