Cadillac Created A Gorgeous Concept Car That Hints At Its Future Designs

The festivities at Monterrey Car Week in California are in full swing, and Cadillac is getting in on the action with the reveal of a brand new concept car.

It’s called the Elmiraj.

The name is not good. The car is very, very good.

The four-seat, rear-wheel drive grand coupe is both an homage to the 1967 Eldorado and a hint at the kind of design Cadillac has planned for years to come.

GM’s luxury brand has been on a roll in the past few years, and is well on its way to earning back its once-superb reputation.

If the Elmiraj is any indication, Cadillac’s resurgence is far from over.

Here's the Ciel, the concept car Cadillac rolled out in 2011. The grand-touring car was reminiscent of the big Cadillacs of old, and apparently inspired by the 'natural beauty of the California coast.'

The new concept car is inspired by El Mirage Lake, in the California desert. The dry lake bed is used for high speed time trials.

The Elmiraj is made for 'projecting design forward,' not just teasing the future of a single model.

Unfortunately, that means Cadillac isn't planning to put this beauty into production.

But we can hope to see some of its design cues on future models.

That may include a change to the logo. This is the present version:

And here's the new one. See the difference?

The wreath, part of the logo since 1982, is gone.

(Source: Motor Trend)

While the car's exterior is a bit unusual, the interior is really out there.

Like any good concept or luxury car, it's packed with over-the-top materials. Notice the rich camel leather, hand-cut Brazilian Rosewood, and backlit titanium trim.

Cadillac says the analogue tachometer and speedometer are transparent. No word on why the shifter (circled) is unlike any we've ever seen.

Two backseat passengers get bucket seats and a sizeable armrest.

For a big car, the Elmiraj is a sprightly 4,000 pounds.

Cadillac doesn't give acceleration, top speed, or fuel economy numbers, but says the 4.5-liter Twin Turbo V8 engine provides a whopping 500 horsepower.

Watch the Elmiraj in action:

And now check out another new luxury offering.

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