10 photos that show how the UK's Cadbury World is the real-life Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Cadbury World is the real-life version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

At the UK theme park operated by
Cadbury, one of the world’s largest confectionery manufacturers, visitors learn about how chocolate was first discovered, see how chocolates are made, and of course taste lots and lots of goodies.

It’s the most immersive chocolate experience yet.

Throughout Cadbury Chocolate World, there are rides, demonstrations, exhibits, and mountains of chocolate.

chee.hong, Flickr
Chocolate mountain.

Chocolate is melted, stirred, poured, spread, and sprinkled everywhere.

Chocolate machine in action.

Chocolatiers demonstrate how they transform a delicious pot of warm liquid chocolate, nuts, and raisins into perfectly-shaped candies.

Scraping the goods.

There are lots of opportunities to taste the goods.

Getty Images
Cadbury Chocolate Bar.

There are historical displays that show how chocolate was first created by the ancient Mayans.

Elliott Brown, Flickr
The Aztec Jungle.

A mini theatre presentation shows how Hernán Cortéz brought the cocoa bean to Europe.

Lisa Stevens, Flickr
A theatrical event.

Visitors get a close-up view of the industrial machines that make Cadbury eggs.

Getty Images
Cadbury creme eggs.

They can also see how the chocolates are packaged and shipped.

Getty Images
Packaged creme eggs.

It's paradise for people with a sweet tooth.

Getty Images
Baking sheets.

You can take home a gigantic amount of chocolate.

Biggest chocolate bar... ever.

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