Cadbury is making a chocolate bar WITH VEGEMITE!

June 1 is the new April 1. Chocolate maker Cadbury announced this afternoon that it’s releasing a new milk chocolate bar flavoured with, wait for it….


We have no words, but await news that Vegemite is releasing a chocolate-flavoured version of the breakfast spread soon.

We’ve reached out to Cadbury in the hope they’ll answer the question on everyone’s lips, if not their toast – why?

We’ll let you know when we hear back.

In a short clip to accompany the announcement, Cadbury says Yes. It’s real. Yes. The rumours were true. Yes. It’s available on June 1st (although you may see it sooner). Yes. It’s surprisingly delicious.””

The announcement is the culmination of a social campaign with the #ChocPlusWhat, searching for flavour combinations.

Of course many will remember when Vegemite decided to add cream cheese in 2009 and then crowd-sourced a new name. iSnack 2.0 became a case study in brand failure. The product is now known as Cheesybite.

Cadbury went on to announce three more new flavour combinations – salted caramel, toffee chip, and pretzel and peanut.

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