Cadbury is experimenting with kale and wasabi flavoured chocolate

Photo: Shutterstock.

First it was Vegemite chocolate. Now, Cadbury UK has dropped the mite and is making straight vege chocolate.

The brand is experimenting with wasabi, beetroot and kale fillings in its Milk Tray product — similar to the “Snack” product in Australia — hoping the move will attract more health-conscious consumers.

“Beetroot is one of the ways you can get the red colour without using artificial colourings,” Dave Shepherd, head of research and development at Milk Tray told The Telegraph UK.

“Kale is more of a gamble, but people are much more health orientated and crispy kale is already being eaten by some as a substitute for crisps.”

While the new flavours are just concepts at the moment, Shepherd said you will see “things inspired by them down the line”.

New flavours that will appear in the Milk Tray are apple crunch and salted caramel, replacing chocolate truffle and Turkish delight.

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