UK Cadbury Factory Workers Protest Against Any US Take-Over


The potential Cadbury take-over by a US company (Kraft or Hersheys, most likely) has angered some villagers living in the area surrounding the Bourneville factory.

Around Bourneville, shop-owners and other townspeople are protesting the take-over with petitions. 

Business secretary Lord Mandelson warned Kraft that the government will intervene in a hostile take-over attempt and Cadbury shareholders rejected Kraft’s first offer, but workers still fear for their jobs.

Look at the Terry’s Chocolate factory that Kraft left abandoned after its take-over, says Felicity Loudon, the great-granddaughter of Sir Egbert Cadbury.

This is, of course, just the sort of protectionism we would expect in an economic downturn.

Read more about workers’ protesting the Cadbury takeover.

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