Cadbury's chocolate bars are being downsized

One of our favourite chocolate bars is getting the chop.

Cadbury will downsize its 220g family blocks to 200g — changing for the third time in five years — amidst surging cocoa prices, which have hit an eight-month high.

The announcement comes a week after the company said it was cutting the size of its Tasmanian workforce by 20%, with the loss of 80 jobs at its Hobart chocolate factory.

“Confectionery companies around the world are feeling the squeeze of increasing costs. At Cadbury, we’re feeling it too,” the chocolate manufacturer said in a statement.

“We’ve reached a point where we can no longer absorb these increasing costs into the price of our chocolate blocks.”

To combat increasing cocoa costs, the company has chosen to decrease the size of its chocolate blocks rather than boost the recommended retail price to “keep Cadbury chocolates affordable”.

“We wanted to make sure that families would still be able to enjoy a Cadbury treat without affecting the household shopping budget.”

Chocolate lovers will recall the huge downsize of Cadbury family blocks from 250 grams to 200 grams in 2009 before it was bumped back up to 220 grams again in 2013.

Cadbury says the move will “continue to support local manufacturing in Australia” and maintains that “Cadbury chocolate will continue to taste as delicious as it always has” with new flavours and products.

Cadbury has been dipping its toes into new ventures including the recent announcement of its new “Vegemite-flavoured” chocolate bar coming out on June 1 and three other flavour combinations – salted caramel, toffee chip, and pretzel and peanut.

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