Cable Ad Venture Bails On First Product

canoe flipped

Is anyone surprised that Canoe Ventures — the advertising technology joint venture at the mercy of a bunch of cable companies — can’t get an ad product off the ground?

Canoe is bailing on its first product, “Community Addressable Messaging,” which was supposed to let advertisers run a different ad in 370 “high-income cable zones” nationwide, according to Multichannel News. Why? Because the cable companies’ ageing infrastructure couldn’t handle such a high-tech product.

Specifically, Canoe determined CAM spots would have needed to be booked 11 days before air date; the insertion could only occur following the local break; and an unknown number of Motorola receivers in the Canoe footprint would have required an upgrade to properly display alternate spots to individual zones.

Now, Canoe will focus on interactive television, with a lead-generation product scheduled for Q4 of 2009, according to Multichannel News.

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