Cabbie Builds Gaza City's First Electrical Car For Less Than $1,000

Gaza carMunther al-Qassas takes his invention for a spin in Palestine.

Photo: YouTube / AFP

It’s boxy, it’s white and it makes a funny whirring noise as it rolls down Gaza City streets at 12 miles per hour.No, it isn’t a wheelchair. It’s one Palestinian cab driver’s answer to his country’s massive fuel shortage. 

“I thought about making a car which would suit our circumstances in Gaza, especially with the fuel crisis that forces people to stand in line for hours outside petrol stations or pay a huge amount of money” on the black market, Munther al-Qassas told

He says the car was crafted entirely from recycled materials, with tires taken off an old wheelbarrow and a steering wheel that’s “a recycled piece of gym kit.” Sadly, it can hold no more than two people, but at least the white wooden frame contrasts nicely with the light blue roof and navy interior.

After charging for five hours with an electrical cable, the car will run for up to four hours.  

Munther al-Quassas, who spent months working on the car, is not unlike his American peers crippled by the burden of student loan debt. He holds a degree in Political Science, which he says he has never used. 

“My financial situation is a real obstacle to my dreams,” he said, adding the car cost $1,000 to build. “I dream about improving this car and adding things to it—and making it work on solar energy. I could do it, but I don’t have the money.”

Speaking to AFP he added, “No one here cares about encouraging young people to study science, or to be innovative and develop their abilities. The government should sponsor young people and encourage scientific creativity.” 

See the vehicle in action on YouTube

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