CAA Humiliating Assistants In The Parking Lot

CAA parking outrage

I’m told that CAA is making all their assistants park in the bottom level of their garage in horrid stack parking. Plus, there’s only one elevator that goes down there at 2000 Avenue Of The Stars. And there’s some sort of tracking system to make sure the peons park in their pen. Also, some of the assistants have been stuck in the garage for 30 minutes because the valets lost their keys with the stack parking. (I bet the bosses’ skinny lattes contained unexpected bodily fluids the next morning…) The internal agency muttering is that it’s yet another draconian CAA cost-cutting measure. But the tenpercentery claims the building/landlord is working to accommodate a growing tenant roster, so parking changes are affecting multiple tenants who park on certain floors of the garage.

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Photo by Jim_W from Flickr (Note: picture is not of CAA’s parking lot.)

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