There is now a C-SPAN live feed broadcasting the Trump Tower lobby

C-SPAN started broadcasting a live feed from the lobby of Trump Tower this week.

President-elect Donald Trump has been holding meetings with his transition team in his Manhattan skyscraper since winning the election.

The online feed uses the elevators as its main focal point, but pans toward the entrance when visitors enter the building.

On Thursday morning, for instance, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Judge Jeanine Pirro were captured strolling through the lobby.

Howard Mortman, communications director for C-SPAN, told Business Insider by email that the feed was established so people can “see who is coming and going to meet with the Trump transition team, and watch them speak to the media located in the lobby.”

Mortman said the network pool determines what hours the feed is available and that C-SPAN was making a decision on “a day-by-day basis” whether to broadcast it uninterrupted.

Currently, the live feed is only available online, but can be carried on television “when events warrant,” he said.

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