Coach Says Big Conferences Are Ignoring BYU Because Of Its Mormon Beliefs

BYU Football

Photo: AP Images

Amidst all of the conference realignment in college football, BYU is one big fish that is still without a home. And head coach Bronco Mendenhall believes it has something to do with the school’s Mormon faith.In an interview with a local radio station, Mendenhall spoke about why BYU has yet to be invited to join one of the large conferences.

“[BYU is], by design, to be very unique and someone in a conference has to want that culture with our values…they have to want a school that has the values that we have…Those that want us, fantastic. And if they don’t, I would rather stand alone.”

Mendenhall goes on to explain that the Pac-12 took Utah over BYU because the conference “made it very clear that it did not want a religious-based school.” As for the Big 12, Mendenhall argues that BYU has better resume, than West Virginia, who was recently invited to join the Big 12 Conference (although that invitation is now on hold).

As Graham Watson of Yahoo! Sports points out, there may be more to this issue than just not liking the school’s religious beliefs. BYU has very strict rules about playing games on Sundays. While this would not affect the football team, it could be a deal-breaker with other sports that often depend on weekend contests during the school year.

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