If It Had Been Jimmer Fredette That Violated BYU's honour Code, Would The School's Reaction Have Been The Same?

jimmer fredette byu

Last week, BYU dealt its own NCAA Title chances a serious blow when the school kicked Brandon Davies off its basketball team for allegedly having sex with his girlfriend.

Surprisingly, most of our commenters and the majority of the reactions we’ve seen sided with BYU and were impressed that the school actually held firm to its rules rather than offering an athlete a free pass, no matter the crime.

The latest turn in the Davies saga came yesterday when ESPN reported that Amar’e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks, and even straight-edge Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow were on Davies’ side.  Stoudemire was less diplomatic than Tebow, who simply thought Davies deserved a second chance, but the two were clearly surprised that BYU didn’t give Davies preferential treatment.

That raised a key question in our minds: would BYU have reacted the same way if Jimmer Fredette had been the one to violate its honour Code?  Obviously BYU takes its rule enforcement very seriously, but Fredette is a national household name.  The school has proven that it holds its athletes to an extremely high standard, but kicking Fredette off the team might not go over as well as booting Davies.

So let us know in the comments: Would BYU have punished Jimmer Fredette as harshly as Brandon Davies if he’d been the one to violate the school’s honour Code?

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