This Is The Only Thing Holding Back A Dwight Howard Trade To The Lakers

Andrew Bynum Dwight Howard Lakers trade

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Although the Orlando Magic aren’t in any rush to trade Dwight Howard, it appears as if he won’t be the one holding back a potential deal to the Los Angeles Lakers.Andrew Bynum’s reluctance to sign a long term deal with whichever team he lands on as part of the Howard trade may be the death knell, according to ESPN.

More specifically, the team acquiring Bynum in a deal is what’s holding a trade back.

Bynum could either end up with the Magic in a straight-up, two team deal or land with the Cleveland Cavaliers or Houston Rockets as part of a complex three-way trade.

Either way, Bynum would rather wait to hit free agency after next season and get the most money possible than sign a long term extension right now and miss out on millions of dollars over the life of his new contract.

(It’s exactly what Deron Williams did by waiting until this summer to re-up with the Brooklyn Nets.)

So with Real GM reporting Howard is “locked in” on joining Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Steve Nash on the juggernaut Lakers, Orlando and its rumoured trade partners are halting any potential deal.

The difference now is that Howard is willing to sign a long term deal with the Lakers, according to Real GM.

Similarly to Chris Paul’s stipulation upon being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers last offseason, however, Howard won’t re-sign until next summer so he too can maximise his earnings. And the Lakers are fine with that.

It’s not surprising to see team officials wanting an assurance from Bynum that he’ll stick around past this season.

On the other hand, the owners are the ones who agreed to this in the new CBA during last winter’s lockout negotiations. In order to keep stars from leaving their current teams, said teams are the ones who can offer them the most money once their contracts run out.

Therefore, no matter where Bynum ends up (outside of lowly and unlikely places like Sacramento or Charlotte) chances are good he’ll want the most money possible and re-sign with that team.

So as Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports points out, and just like LA has changed its mind in regards to Howard, teams need to stop worrying about Bynum’s supposed cold feet and get a deal done soon.

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