The Dallas Mavericks Win The NBA Finals

Sad Dwyane Wade

Photo: AP

The Dallas Mavericks have done what was thought by some to be impossible: beat the Heat. Dallas beat Miami 105-95 and has won the NBA Finals four games to twoJason Terry led the boys in white and blue to their first ever NBA title. His 27 points off the bench provided the most significant spark. The team also benefited from the efficient play of Shawn Marion and Jason Kidd, coupled with Dirk Nowitzki’s strong fourth quarter. All that and more gave the Mavericks the upset victory. Dirk was the series MVP.

Kidd just completed his 17th year in the league and this was his first time winning the title after making it to the finals twice before in his career. Nowitzki got his long coveted prize at the expense of the team that beat his 2006 Western Conference champion Mavericks. 

LeBron James did start to turn on his game in the fourth, but it was too little too late. His stat line of 21 points, four boards, six assists, and six turnovers will certainly be scrutinized all summer long by pundits and fans alike. Dwyane Wade was also fairly unimpressive for his standards. While getting a solid six dimes and eight boards, he only ended up scoring 17 points. 

The game got “Heated” in the second quarter when the Mavs’ DeShawn Stevenson took exception to Udonis Haslem’s chosen path off of the basketball court during a time out which caused a shoving match. The Heat’s Joel Anthony, who was sitting on the bench at this point in the game, rushed on court to join in. The normal one game suspension typically imposed by the league on players for running off the bench will likely not come into play due to the series being done and over with. 

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