Buzzfeed brings its 'Cute or Not' app to China

After successfully launching its second-ever app, Cute or Not, in February, Buzzfeed is bringing the app to China.

Cute or Not is basically Tinder for cute pets: You swipe right if you think a pet is cute, left if you don’t. Buzzfeed also allows users to upload photos of their own pet if they’d like, and the most popular photos get the chance to be featured on Buzzfeed’s website.

Cute or Not is Buzzfeed’s second mobile app after its main Buzzfeed news app, though the company plans to launch additional apps in the news and video space later this year.

Buzzfeed is launching Cute or Not in China to coincide with Matt Stopera’s long-awaited visit to “Brother Orange,” a Chinese man who somehow ended up with Stopera’s stolen iPhone and who has since gained fame alongside Stopera in China.

The odd series of events began when Stopera discovered selfies of a man in front of an orange tree were being uploaded to his photo stream. Stopera posted the photos to Twitter, and after going viral on Chinese social media site Weibo, Chinese fans tracked down the man with Stopera’s iPhone, who likes to be called “Brother Orange.”

Stopera and Brother Orange have since become famous in China, and Stopera is currently in China meeting Brother Orange for the first time, where both are being treated like celebrities.

Suddenly, Buzzfeed’s choice to launch Cute or Not to commemorate Stopera and Brother Orange’s visit doesn’t seem so crazy — Buzzfeed is clearly taking advantage of China’s attention at the moment — but there’s really no tie between the two aside from sharing a Chinese audience.

You can download Cute or Not over at the App Store.

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