BuzzFeed journalists say they can't stop crying during Obama's farewell speech

BuzzFeed journalists turned to¬†Twitter on Tuesday night to say¬†they were left in tears by President Barack Obama’s farewell address to the American people.

Conventional rules of journalism discourage journalists from expressing their political views in public. BuzzFeed’s ethics guide states that “reporters and editors should refrain from commenting in a partisan way about candidates or policy issues.”

A BuzzFeed spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Here’s a roundup of tweets from BuzzFeed News journalists:

BuzzFeed News executive editor:

BuzzFeed News senior editor:

BuzzFeed News editor:

BuzzFeed News editor:

BuzzFeed News reporter:

BuzzFeed Senior Editor:

BuzzFeed News editor:

All of BuzzFeed?

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