What it was like to buy the very first iPad at the Apple Store 5 years ago

Apple came out with the very first iPad five years ago today.

Then, Quartz’s Dan Frommer ran out to the Apple Store, eager with anticipation.

“So I got on the train, went into Manhattan, and got one!” Frommer wrote on Business Insider back then.

“It was surprisingly quick. From the back of the line to paying only took 15 minutes.” He documented the whole iPad buying experience on Business Insider.

It's a beautiful day in Brooklyn as I leave my house

Getting on the subway. Destination: Manhattan

Central Park is buzzing on the second nice weekend of Spring

And there's a swarm outside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue

This guy is REALLY happy with his new toy

This guy was really excited to buy the first iPad.

USA Today reminds us it exists, advertising its iPad app with this ridiculous Segway

This girl, who goes by Happy, says she bought an iPad for family back in the Philippines.

I'm in line at 11:22 a.m. I guess I missed most of the craziness this morning.

Wow, that is a beautiful building. Thinking about how I stood here for FOUR HOURS for an iPhone a few summers ago.

An Apple dude brings Doughnuts in for the team

Next in line! Just 11 minutes waiting.

As I descend the spiral staircase, Apple folks clap and hoot

Mob scene. All those blue shirts are Apple staffers.

I order a few iPads from a girl near the Genius Bar, she rushes back to get them.

A minute later, after picking out cases, she's ringing me up.

Here's Apple's slick iPod touch-based point-of-sale system in use.

And that's it! 15 minutes after I got in line, a receipt hits my email.

EVERYONE is here.

Even this dog wants an iPad today.

Easy way to get on TV.

Check out the multi-touch on this one!

Who wants to wait until they get home?

As I left, people were still steadily streaming in. Now I'm headed back home to play with my iPad!

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