I Just Bought My First Pair Of Warby Parker Glasses — It Was Super Easy And Cheap

Megan Warby Parker Glasses

Recently, Business Insider spoke with Warby Parker’s experts about how to find the right type of glasses for your face.

Turns out, I needed new glasses, too. So when I toured the SoHo showroom, I decided to see what it was like to buy glasses with the trendy brand.

I tried on about four different pairs before finding the ones that fit me perfectly. The experience was really easy and sociable, as I spoke with Warby Parker associates about what looked best as I shopped.

Ultimately, I was impressed with the level of quality, customer service, and especially the price ($95 for prescription lenses with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating).

Note: I purchased the glasses with my own money and received no discount from Warby Parker.

Since I was already going to Warby Parker's SoHo showroom, I decided to try the glasses on there, even though the company does most of its business online.

The NYC showroom was on the fifth floor, inside Warby Parker HQ.

The walls were lined with glasses, but I made my way over to this table, which had the brand's most popular frames.

They were arranged on books and grouped by similar design styles, which made finding what I liked really simple.

The first pair I tried on were the Marshall, which has a slightly cat-eye frame. But I already have a pair of cat-eye glasses, so I moved on.

Next was the Preston, which is the most popular frame for women. This was the Blue Marblewood frame.

I was also convinced to try on the Duckworth in Marine Slate by the sales associate, and was pleasantly surprised. Instead of blue, they look dark grey-ish once you put them on.

But blue was too much for my everyday life, so I eventually settled on the Preston Whiskey Tortoise.

Next, the associate took my pupillary distance (PD), which is the distance in millimeters between the centres of your pupils.

The glasses maker uses this number to position the optical centre of each lens with the centre of the eye, which helps reduce eye strain.

Then I proceeded to a row of computers, where I checked out online. Even though customers can try on glasses at the showroom, the company stays true to its model of online-only sales.

I checked out as a guest, since it was my first time with Warby Parker.

You can order prescription, non-prescription, or reading glasses — I needed prescription.

There's an option to enter your own prescription, but I didn't know mine, so I told Warby Parker to call my eye doctor.

After entering my shipping and billing addresses, that was it! Shipping was free, which was nice, too.

I never entered my PD number into the system, since I had asked the company to call my doctor for my prescription. Two days later, a customer service rep emailed to ask for my number. Each rep ended their emails with this upbeat line.

In a week, my new glasses arrived!

Inside the package was a dark box, the glasses, and a thank-you card from Warby Parker.

I loved the glasses, and I was also impressed with the case, which seemed high-quality.

Overall, I really love my new frames and I'm glad I decided to try Warby Parker. And you can't beat the $95 price tag for stylish, prescription specs.

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