Buy This Small Michigan TV Station For $700,000 On eBay

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Roger Ailes? Simon Cowell? Forget ’em. You, too, can be a broadcasting mogul for the low, low price of $700,000, according to this listing on eBayBud Kelley is practically giving away his small TV station in western Michigan at a starting bid of $500,000, with a price to sell at $700,000. It’s the only local broadcasting station in the area and runs 24 hours a day. Think of the programming possibilities!

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Kelley, who wants to “retire in the South,” as he notes in the listing, writes that the station has been broadcasting since 1990, with a programming slate of mostly live talk shows and outdoor sports jaunts. But the bingo show on Thursday nights is the most popular, according to the New York Times.

NYT: Mr. Kelley said the business, run out of the town of Muskegon, is profitable even though he hadn’t made the switch to a digital signal from analogue. A new owner could spend $100,000 or more to add the digital transmitter.

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Your lovely new business in Muskegon, Michigan.

A board full of numbers and an ancient TV set-up.

Retiring owner Bud Kelley delivering Michigan's breaking news to the locals.

You'll need to make sure you're in the good light.

Electronics galore!

You'll have your own phone number to take in callers, just like the best of broadcasters.

More equipment to help run the business.

Reel-to-reel technology, a fax and ageing computer screens could be all yours.

Know what what you're going to broadcast yet?

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