Brigham Exploration Co. Is In The Midst Of A Blue-Sky Breakout

Buy, Sell or Hold: Brigham Exploration Co. (Nasdaq: BEXP) is in the Midst of a Blue-Sky Breakout

By Jack Barnes, Contributing Writer, Money Morning

Brigham Exploration Co. (Nasdaq: BEXP) – the oil and gas exploration company that we recommended as a “Buy” on Jan. 24 – has moved up by 27% in the last few weeks.

And it’s not done yet.

Brigham shot as high as $32.98 on Friday after closing Jan. 24 at $25.33. In the past week alone, the stock is up nearly 11%.

Indeed, this has turned into a blue-sky break out – a phenomenon that occurs when there are high expectations for long-term organic growth.

It’s possible that the sharp move up in Brigham’s share price will lead to a correction, but when it is a blue-sky break out, the run could last a while.

So let’s take any money we have left on the sidelines and look at any smaller, short-term dips as opportunities to increase our stake in Brigham.

Here’s why.

Buying into Brigham
Brighamis an oil and gas exploration company that’s focused on the Bakken Formation of the Williston Basin in the Montana and North Dakota area of the United States.

Brigham has a great focus on increasing its own proprietary knowledge. It also has built up a nice land package that gives the company the ability to develop an inventory of future proven drilling reserves.

But what’s more impressive is that the company’s production from source rock in the Bakken Formation is changing the way oil companies look at their portfolio of properties.

Brigham originally was focused on drilling natural gas wells, but now it is using the technology it developed while doing so to complete oil wells. As a result, Brigham has helped turn around the overall oil production curve of the United States.

Historically, the United States has had a shrinking domestic supply of crude oil. But with the development of shale fields, the country has started to regrow its annual domestic production, and decrease its independence from foreign oil firms.

Brigham currently has no net debt, which means it can scale up its operations once it hits a sweet spot in the development of its acreage.

Each developed well gives four offsetting drilling locations that are considered “proven but undeveloped” (PUD). The company has been drilling its property so that each new well helps it open up more PUDs.

The current strategy will allow Brigham to build up a bountiful inventory of locations.

(BEXP broke out to a high of $34 today, before pulling back during the market correction. The company is due to release earnings on the 25th. This article, like all BSH articles is written in advance.)

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