Britain has gone into a frenzy over United Airlines' £50 First Class London-to-Newark return tickets

Would-be travellers went into an online buying frenzy today after people found a way to get return flights from London to Newark for as little as £50 (about $100).

After Business Insider highlighted how people can in theory snap up a First Class or Business Class return trip for less than the price of a weekly London Underground travelcard, social media exploded with excitement:

The fact that this might be a web site glitch, and that United might rescind the ticket offers, did not stop people celebrating the cheapest holidays they have ever booked:

(Business Insider’s London office, for instance, virtually ground to a halt as people frantically tried to book transatlantic lobster-and-champagne seats.)

In fact, the process seems to work for other destinations in America:

If you want to try and cash on the glitch, deal, or whatever it is, check out this post.

United Airlines have yet to respond to Business Insider’s calls for comment over the issue and whether the flight sales will be honoured. The spokesperson we reached, however, did not seem to be aware of the issue.

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