You Can Now Buy A Fisker Karma For 60% Off

ebay motors fisker karma listing

The Fisker Karma, one of the most beautiful cars of the 21st century, can now be purchased for a 60% discount online.

Fisker Automotive has stopped production of its cars, fired three quarters of its workforce in April, and appears headed for bankruptcy.

The sticker price on the Karma is $102,000, but they are selling for a lot less on eBay.

There were 26 Fisker Karmas for sale on the site as of Tuesday afternoon, according to numbers provided to Business Insider by eBay Motors.

That includes seven in California, four in Texas, and three in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois.

None were listed for anywhere near their original price tag. The most expensive can be had for $79,995.

For bargain hunters, there are four Karmas listed for $50,000 or less, including one for just $40,200 — a 60% discount.

Of course, there’s a reason prices have fallen so low: Fisker is no longer in operation, so there’s no one to repair the car if something goes wrong. And these vehicles, while gorgeous, are not known for their reliability.

In September 2012, Consumer Reports gave the Karma a failing grade, noting “unfortunately routine problems” that led to “multiple trips back to the dealer.”

So if you really, really want a Karma, have $40,000 to spare, and don’t care if the thing breaks down, head to eBay now.

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