The Hot New Way Frat Kids Are Getting Drunk

Frat party drinking

Photo: kerryvaughan via Flickr

Butt-Chugging” is the act of ingesting alcohol through one’s rectum via a tube.Once in your rectum, the alcohol is absorbed through the mucus membranes.

Apparently college kids enjoy this method of drinking because it increases the speed that alcohol enters the bloodstream, thereby quickening the process by which one gets drunk.   

The process is not only terribly disgusting, it’s also very dangerous and can result in not only drunkenness to the extreme, but also injuries to the rectum.

On Saturday, a fraternity brother from Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Tennessee was sent to the emergency room with a blood-alcohol level of more than .4 per cent (p.s. that’s five times the legal limit) following a butt-chugging session, Hayes Hickman of Knoxville News Sentential reported.

At this level, most people lose consciousness and some die. A blood-alcohol content of .45 per cent or higher is often fatal. The male student is OK and already back in class, but the fraternity has been suspended for 30 days, according to the Washington Post.

This is just one of many disgusting drinking fads that have made headlines lately. Supposedly high school girls are soaking their tampons in vodka (which may or may not be possible), and kids are chugging hand sanitizer, which is definitely real

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