A businesswoman and travel blogger is working her way around the world as an 'entrepretraveler'

Latina Travel Blogger Stephanie Be Travel Break.net Stephanie Be/TravelBreakStephanie Be of TravelBreak.

At 26, Stephanie Be isn’t your average travel blogger.

Yes, her blog TravelBreak has over 260,000 subscribers. Yes, she’s been to over 40 countries. And yes, her Facebook and Instagram pictures of splashy sunsets and majestic landscapes seem almost too good to be true.

But with business savvy as her driving force, Be defines her career path as an “entrepretraveler.”

Having grown up immersed in Latino culture as the child of Mexican immigrants, Be wanted to see more of the world after graduating from UCLA.

'In Latino culture we're really encouraged to put others first and to serve each other. I love doing that, and I still do... but I also needed some time to be myself and do what I wanted to do and learn about people different than myself.'

She decided to take a gap year in Sydney, Australia, figuring that she would come back and find a corporate job eventually.

'I thought that travel was something that you get out of your system,' she said.

She worked as a bartender in Sydney, but longed for control over her schedule. That's when she started freelancing.

Now, Be is a full-time 'entrepretraveler.'

In addition to blogging on Travelbreak, Be offers services in web design, branding, photography, publicity, marketing, and social media.

Simply put, an entrepretraveler is anyone who starts a business and travels. But Be feels that there's a deeper mission to it.

'The entrepretraveler idea is this idea of, 'I will solve a problem and I will be willing to take the risks and the sacrifices and the sweat equity that go into being an entrepreneur, and one of the reasons that I'm doing that is so I can travel,'' she explained.

It's about collaboration.

'It's the idea that you can be location independent but still be part of a team,' she said.

It requires versatility.

'I can be behind the camera or in front of the camera,' she said. 'I can be writing something technical or creative. I can build a website. I was a speaker last week and in a commercial this week. Next week I'm consulting a travel company, helping them rebuild their site so that they can really get their message out there.'

And it's more business-focused than travel blogging alone.

'Blogging focuses so greatly on the travel experience,' she said. 'It doesn't focus on the business side of what we do...when people think of 'blogger' right now, they don't think of 'small business owner.''

Be has entrepretraveled to over 40 countries. She's gone crater rappelling in Israel...

Shark diving in the Bahamas…

She's stayed in a 7-star hotel in Abu Dhabi…

Hiked the Dolomite Mountains in Italy…

Played with elephants in Thailand...

And befriended an anaconda in the Amazon jungle.

Her adventures are grounded in a strong business sense. She encourages creators to know their worth and earn it through monetisation.

'I find that a lot of bloggers in particular, or Instagram influencers, or writers, don't really understand their value,' she said. 'I think that we get so used to how easily accessible everything is.'

Be's entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive and sustain her love of travel.

'You can travel while working, it just requires a lot of discipline,' she said.

'And good wifi.'

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