BusinessWeek Responds: Traffic Strong, ComScore Wrong

Businessweek Editor in Chief John A. Byrne responds to our note about the site’s traffic, which Peter Kafka wrote in response to an analysis by Doug McIntyre at 24/7 Wall St.  Peter suspected that Comscore numbers showing a massive decline in traffic were wrong.  Byrne confirms this, rejects McIntyre’s thesis, and offers other details:

I have no idea why the comScore numbers bear no relationship to reality, but here are the facts: In August, traditionally one of the weakest months for business and financial sites, Omniture shows us with more than 7 million uniques, up some 13% from the previous year and nearly four times the comScore data. We recorded some 42 million page views in August, nearly four times as much as comScore reported. We had more than one million downloads alone on our podcasts that month. Our reader engagement is at record levels: some 6,000 comments from readers are made to our stories monthly; the page views on our blogs are up by 25% in the past year.

We’re the only business and financial website to have won a prestigious National Magazine Award this year, and the only one to be named one of the hottest 10 websites in the past two years. We update our site several times a day with original analytical journalism–as many as 25 new pieces of content daily. In the past few months, we’ve broken dozens of stories, from insider trading at UBS, to the hedge fund mess at Bear Stearns, to the stock picking scandal at CNBC, to Wal-Mart’s latest miscues and misadventures. Video is and has been prominently featured on our home page every day, and we have more than 2,000 videos on the site. We’ve just launched a new managing channel that is far superior to anything currently available on the web. In short, we’re alive and well, thriving and growing, offering enterprise journalism every day that makes a meaningful difference to our readers.