This brutal Bloomberg Businessweek cover sums up what may be Hillary Clinton's biggest problem

Bloomberg Businessweek has a harsh new cover story out Wednesday that makes clear that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign should learn from her past mistakes.

Notably, the magazine called attention to Clinton’s unsuccessful White House bid in 2008, when her campaign was plagued by infighting and distasteful media leaks. Correspondent Joshua Green wrote that Clinton’s lack of a top-tier Democratic challenger could mean the wheels won’t come off her campaign until the general election this time.

“The danger for Democrats, then, is that Clinton won’t come under any real pressure until next summer, when she faces the Republican nominee. No one knows whether she’ll be able to guide her campaign through adversity or whether she’ll again be the agent of her own undoing,” Green wrote. “Does CEO Clinton really exist or not?”

Here’s the cover:

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